Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Polka-Dotted Chocolate

Dessert arrived.  Delectable chocolate mousse for me.  Key Lime mousse for Sarah. Hers came as always with a small wedge of polka-dotted white chocolate carefully placed on the whipped cream. She was suddenly saddened.  Her dad usually eats that piece of yummy chocolate.  He acts like he is going to steal it, she blocks him, takes it out of the whip cream daintily, smiles and gives it to her daddy.  But he isn't here.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as we lay our heads down to sleep last night.

"It feels like a deployment huh."  "yes"

And it does, but it isn't.  We are separated geographically.  The Major(retired), is in Alaska and started a new job yesterday.  I am here, Sarah is here.  Kate is at school in SoCal.

It was sudden just like his last deployment.  We had to get new ID cards right before he left, just like his last deployment.  And we cried, just like his last deployment.  And everyday I am so thankful this is not a deployment.  I did not kiss him and send him off to war.

I kissed him and sent him off to get the rough draft of our next chapter outlined. And I pray for my sweet friends who have those they love out on deployment. I understand.

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