Sunday, January 26, 2014

Abort him. That is what the doctors all told her to do. She had been very sick during her pregnancy. The odds were against the baby. Abort him. If he lives, he will be severely handicapped, physically, mentally. If he does live to term, the doctors told her she would face caring for a child that would not live long. Abort him. If he lives, he won't live past the age of 12 and will be severely handicapped. 
Abort him. 

No. She wouldn't. She wouldn't do what doctors told her to do. Instead she put her faith in Him. 
The child lived to full term. He lived to the first year, and then the second. Sure, he got sick, what child doesn't? But he grew! He made it to age 12...13... 
He lived to become a child of God. He lived to be a soldier for Christ. He lived to become a husband and a father. This child who would not live, has lived. He went to college. He joined the military and has seen the world. And in his time he has shared his faith. And in his time he has saved lives! 

Today, his birthday, he is 48 years old, stands 6'4". He is an amazing husband, a loving, devoted father, and a devout follower of Christ! He has beat many odds that lay against him and triumphed! 
Abort him? No, God has a plan for him! 

Happy Birthday James! I love you! What a blessing you are to everyone around you! I look forward to our journey ahead!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


January has been a whirlwind!  Today I find myself feeling the tiredness.  It seems to always be there...but today I feel it.    

Here is the thing though...God wants us to feel the tiredness as a reminder that we need rest. He says...

So maybe it is not that I am tired but weary. I do not crave sleep.  I crave rest. I crave joy

See how it works?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Satellite Dish in the Center Turning Lane...

I was driving to work this morning and on the traffic news for Sacramento I hear "There is a satellite dish in the center turn lane of..."  All I could think is having a bad start to their day! How big is this dish?

I wanted coffee so I took a detour through the Starbucks drive-thru.  Yes, Starbucks...the evil chain of yummy deliciousness! And I was still pondering that satellite dish!  Patiently waiting for my turn to order, I am suddenly rear-ended in the drive thru! UGH!  I get out...there is a child(okay, he was probably 17 or so) behind me..his big brown eyes looking at me.  He is embarrassed!  No damage to either vehicle.  I think he was distracted by the attractive young lady handing out samples of tasty coffee to poor souls waiting in line at the drive-thru. And getting back in my car I reaction to the situation could be his satellite dish! If I had gotten out of my car and yelled at him...well, that would just suck! There isn't any damage done, yes, he was careless, but aren't we all at some point or another!

I paid for my "tall, double-shot white mocha", and I paid for his coffee as well. I am not telling you this to say...hey, look at me... I am telling you this because someone out there is having a worse day than you are having, than I am having, or had.  I have a "satellite in the center turning lane".  We all have one. Maybe today, you can do something to help someone with their satellite.  It may just clear up their reception, and yours!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Polka-Dotted Chocolate

Dessert arrived.  Delectable chocolate mousse for me.  Key Lime mousse for Sarah. Hers came as always with a small wedge of polka-dotted white chocolate carefully placed on the whipped cream. She was suddenly saddened.  Her dad usually eats that piece of yummy chocolate.  He acts like he is going to steal it, she blocks him, takes it out of the whip cream daintily, smiles and gives it to her daddy.  But he isn't here.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as we lay our heads down to sleep last night.

"It feels like a deployment huh."  "yes"

And it does, but it isn't.  We are separated geographically.  The Major(retired), is in Alaska and started a new job yesterday.  I am here, Sarah is here.  Kate is at school in SoCal.

It was sudden just like his last deployment.  We had to get new ID cards right before he left, just like his last deployment.  And we cried, just like his last deployment.  And everyday I am so thankful this is not a deployment.  I did not kiss him and send him off to war.

I kissed him and sent him off to get the rough draft of our next chapter outlined. And I pray for my sweet friends who have those they love out on deployment. I understand.

Friday, January 10, 2014

What a Year!!!

We started the year as we hope we always will.  Sarah's birthday is on January 6th.  In 2013 she turned 18. Honestly I do not feel old enough to have a daughter who is 19 since her birthday brought in our newest year and she turned 19!  It was a great start to the year and Sarah attended "The Lion King" live in San Francisco with Caillen and his parents.  She is a light in this world!
January 19th.  A beautiful day to go flying. James and Caillen did just that.  When the call came from Caillen from an unknown number with "we are ok, but..."
I was on the phone with Kate calling her back home from an evening out with her friend Ruth.  Thenthe girlsh and I were in the car. I really don't remember the drive to Rideout Hospital in Marysville. I do remember the sinking feeling.  I had that feeling before...too many times.
The newspaper captured this photo:
  We arrived at the ER.  The security guard was very quiet as he led us back.  We held the hand of the other.  We did not know what to expect.  What happpens to someone who is in that plane in the picture?

We rounded the corner and saw Caillen.  He was fine. Tears of relief.  There was no James. Just a space waiting for him. We waited, and waited.  Caillen and his dad, Darryl waited with us. Darryl is a gentle, calming soul!
Then, there he was, strapped to a gurney, clothes shredded. Shaking from shock and covered in blood. Mud and grass caked areas of his body.
The plane lost power on takeoff.
The rescue vehicles set fire to the grass, catalytic converters.

James spent 3 days in the ICU.  

February, I traveled to Montana for a week.  Went skiing with my brother and came down with whooping cough.  Yay! 

March, Kate turned 21! I old enough? Don't answer that!  Kate "is" what it feels like when your heart races, suddenly. nothin'.  

May!  We graduated Sarah from high school!

June, we had a huge graduation party for Sarah and got to see lots of people, near and dear.

July, I started "officially" working for the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce where I had been volunteering since March. "Executive Assistant"

August, Kate began her senior year at Azusa Pacific University!  Sarah began her freshman year of college at our local community college!

September, adjusting to the new life of no longer homeschooling and James' retirement hovers on the horizon.

October, I went for a short visit to Montana.  James officially retires from 23 years in the USAF!

November, job searching for James.  Wonderful Thanksgiving spent with the girls here in our home.

December, job hunting, Christmas, and all the intentions of getting those cards out on time.  Did not happen!
Then the last week of December, the news came. 8 job offers later, we decide on Alaska.

We don't know what the next chapter brings.  God willing, we will celebrate as Caillen and Sarah get married.  We will celebrate Kate graduating college! And God willing, we will find our way back together no matter where each of us is.

Tonight, I write from my comfy couch next to the fireplace. James is on his way to Alaska to start his new job with the FAA on Monday.  Kate starts classes Monday. Sarah goes back to work Monday.  And I start sorting, packing and remembering. Remembering what an adventure life has been so far!

Monday, January 6, 2014

We are on the verge of a great adventure....stay tuned!