Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life as we know it is crazy and unpredictable!  About 5 weeks ago my youngest daughter, Sarah, started passing out.  The first time was in the shower, the second time an hour later.  I found her face down on her floor in her room.  Trip to the ER and home with no answers.  It happened again the next day. Again, to the ER.  Again no answers.  EKG, CT scan, blood work.  All normal. She has no warning! They were coming each day. Most days she had 2.  This past week she went 5 days straight without an "episode" then this afternoon I heard a thump and found her on the kitchen floor.

We have changed what we eat. We have changed her supplements. We are trying to reduce stresses in her life. I don't know, but I think having your Papa move to Alaska(no we did not separate except for geographically), sister in SoCal, taking college courses, having her mom packing the house so she can join the Papa, and...and planning a wedding just might cause a little stress!

Her fiancĂ© Caillen has been wonderful! He escorts her to her classes and stays with her during using this time to do homework.  Luckily they have 2 classes together! And he helps her find humor in the situation. His nickname for her when wearing the heart monitor has been "Robo-Flop"...hehe!

My girl is frustrated with all of it.  She has little privacy or alone time. She cannot drive...which is a huge stress reliever for her. Nothing like a drive in your own car with your favorite tunes blaring from the speakers to release tension! I am thankful to those who understand and are trying to make life easier for her. I find myself praying for those who make it about themselves....
There are more tests to come...

Kate and Sarah

Yes! We be Irish! 
On the fun side of life...

The Major was able to come home for 10 days! It was over Kate's spring break, so she was able to fly up from SoCal.  Awesome family time! I crave more! The 10 days flew by so quickly! Kate left on the 14th, and the Major left on the 19th, then the 20th Sarah and I drove to see Kate for her birthday weekend!

Kate turned 22 years old!  Her Golden Birthday as she was born on the 22nd. We had a great time and got to meet lots of her friends including 4 young men in the apartment across and down from her.  It was very obvious they are protective of her, like big brothers!  She has a great group of friends! The really neat thing about the trip?  I was able to see her in HER element! And WOW! What a young woman she has become!

Kate at "Lindy Groove"
 Life changes so fast!  This time last year we were only anticipating the Major's retirement. Now he is retired and we are planning Sarah and Caillen's wedding, a move to Alaska and Kate graduating from college. The best thing...God has us through everything!