Sunday, January 26, 2014

Abort him. That is what the doctors all told her to do. She had been very sick during her pregnancy. The odds were against the baby. Abort him. If he lives, he will be severely handicapped, physically, mentally. If he does live to term, the doctors told her she would face caring for a child that would not live long. Abort him. If he lives, he won't live past the age of 12 and will be severely handicapped. 
Abort him. 

No. She wouldn't. She wouldn't do what doctors told her to do. Instead she put her faith in Him. 
The child lived to full term. He lived to the first year, and then the second. Sure, he got sick, what child doesn't? But he grew! He made it to age 12...13... 
He lived to become a child of God. He lived to be a soldier for Christ. He lived to become a husband and a father. This child who would not live, has lived. He went to college. He joined the military and has seen the world. And in his time he has shared his faith. And in his time he has saved lives! 

Today, his birthday, he is 48 years old, stands 6'4". He is an amazing husband, a loving, devoted father, and a devout follower of Christ! He has beat many odds that lay against him and triumphed! 
Abort him? No, God has a plan for him! 

Happy Birthday James! I love you! What a blessing you are to everyone around you! I look forward to our journey ahead!


Camiva Mom said...

Blessed by God!

James Grogan said...

Thank you sweetheart.
I want to "finish the race" God has put us in with you. You and I together can do all God commands of us! Three strands woven together.
I love you CD,