Friday, January 2, 2009

Jump In!!!

I woke up this morning with my mind already at work. Perhaps it is the sound of the rain outside my window that my brain woke up to...but this is what is on my mind.

The greatest adventures can begin with a small leap of faith from the path of not knowing what you desire to the path of finding out.
Life would be very easy if you stayed with the flow...just go day to day doing what you do or doing what is expected and not straying from that path. But a small leap of faith...your faith in Jesus...can lead to the greatest adventures. Trust Him! If He continues to lay a path before you...but you do not take it out of fear, or you do not take it because you are not sure that is what you want, the timing isn't right for you or someone in your life is waving from the sideline yelling "don't go there" will be missing out on one of those adventures. Go it safe, go with the moment to moment as many like to quip. You will be missing out on life itself and will soon be leading the life that someone else has laid before you...not the life He wants for you. Life is an adventure...jump in!!!

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