Saturday, September 6, 2008


I remember when Geraldine Ferraro was running for Vice President. I was a junior in high school and would be 18 two months prior to the election. No one seemed too excited that she was the first woman to run for the office...except for feminists...which were few and far between at the time. I did know that as a new voter I would not be voting for her just because she was a woman. I wouldn't be voting for her because I didn't agree with her politics.
I didn't grow up in a political home. We didn't talk politics nor did my parents wear their political beliefs on their sleeves. I never knew who they were voting for until after the fact.
My daughters live in a different kind of home. My eldest wishes she could vote this election and is angered by those who say they won't be bothered. This comes from her father. He is the politically minded one in our household.
This brings me to Sarah Palin. She sits as the Governor of Alaska...and is now the VP candidate with John McCain. I don't like John McCain...I respect his sacrifice for our country...but his politics do leave something to be desired. But I will be voting for him because he has Sarah Palin as his running mate.
Sarah Palin stands up for what she believes. Most of all she stands up for those who cannot do it for themselves....the unborn. She not only talks the talk...but walks it as well. The mother of a Down's Syndrome baby...she was given the option to end the life of this special child..and she did not. She has a 17 year-old daughter who is pregnant. Obviously she has instilled her morals and values into her children as her daughter is now engaged to the father of her unborn baby.
I watched Palin's nomination acceptance speech. She has spirit in her...she wants to see change...she doesn't seem like other candidates who are running just for their own glory. She seems to be running to make a difference. We need more like her in Washington D.C.

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