Monday, August 25, 2008

If life ever feels boring....

Get a teenage daughter..better yet...get TWO.

I enjoyed my daughters when they were little and thought the sun rose and set with me and their father. When they truly believed we knew everything. Now they know better but that doesn't matter. There are days when we clash but there are more days that we don't. And I find myself laughing much more when they are around me.

I don't have typical teenage girls. My oldest has a mind of her own...not just in the differences from her dad and I...but from her friends. She's not one to be swayed. Though some she knows have let the world change them overnight in the way they dress or act or treat others...Kate has not. She doesn't go for the latest fashion...she remains modest. She is who she is despite some trying to change her. She is beautiful on the inside with a deep love for Jesus. She is also beautiful on the outside...blonde hair and hazel green eyes ...and she makes people laugh. She has an infectious giggle...and makes anyone near her...want to know her. And she is a regular spitfire!! This is my perception.

My youngest who is new to being a teenager is just as amazing. Just as strong-willed as her big sister she carries her heart on her sleeve. She hates to see anyone upset or sad and will try her hardest to cheer them up. Sarah loves Jesus and that love shows through her. Caring and loving with a beautiful smile that lights up the room. She is also a beautiful blond with hazel eyes...and an ornery streak!! She is witty and funny and so fun to have around.

With these two around me how can life be boring? They make me laugh with their silliness. It breaks my heart when their hearts are broken. I soar when they soar and cry when they cry. So life is never is actually full of happiness because of these two young ladies God loaned to me. They are both true blessings.

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