Friday, January 30, 2015

I live in Alaska

This time last year I was sorting and tossing and sorting some more to prepare for our move to Alaska.
Still numb to the fact that Alaska was once again on our radar. It had been on our radar before and
then it wasn't when the Air Force decided we should be in Japan. That was almost 20 years ago.
In those 20 years we dreamed of living among trees, mountains, water, peace. We also dreamed of opening a Bed and Breakfast
where others could find trees, mountains, water and peace.

But as the years went by and we moved back to the states(Texas), then Arkansas and then California and struggled through deployments,
and surgeries resulting from those deployments, we saw the dream slipping away. And as I sorted I tossed all my "Log Home Living"
magazines in the garbage. We were never going to get to live our dream. I thought God had forgotten our dreams. We know He takes care of us, and He has
in so many ways. But we had come to a point in our life that we figured God was going to have us struggle and struggle until we had learned something.
What that something was we had no idea. But we do know we are a work in progress, clay held gently by the potter's hands.

When the Major was medically retired after a plane accident(read back a few postings) we had no idea what we were going to do for the next chapter.
The retirement was a year earlier than we had planned. But when had anything gone according to plan? After a couple months of searching he was
offered a job with the FAA. Portland was the first offer, then one in Texas, Michigan and then Alaska. Was Alaska really back on our radar?
The major left the choice up to me. Did we dare to dream again?

The major moved to Alaska and reported to his new job January 12, 2014. I commenced the househunting online. I searched new homes...did not want another fixer-upper!
But in the search of new homes, a particular not new home popped up. A modest log home on 5 acres with lakefront. I "saved" the property so I could view it later, show the Major...blah blah blah.
Funny thing though, as I continued searches of all different types of homes, old, new, under construction...I could not find that same property except under my "saved" listings.
Each time I looked at the property online I felt more sure that it was our next home.

After 7 months of praying over the log home on 5 acres I flew to Alaska so we could househunt. The log home was the first property we looked at and both the Major and I knew it was the home for us.
Here is the we stood on the dock overlooking the lake the major said, "We don't have to look any further." I looked at him and said, "Yup". We looked at each other and both said "But God says we must share it."

We looked at other properties, probably 20 or so, just to make sure. 2 days later we were in escrow on the small log home beneath the Birchwood trees.

Today as I write, the sunshine is sparkling off the snow that has settled onto the skeletons of the Birchwood trees. They stand tall showing off
their new adornments of white and casting their long shadows across the snowy field that is our yard. The sun meanders low across the sky kissing the tips of the trees on its journey to settle behind the hills just a few hours later.

I live in Alaska.


Carrie McCoy said...

Cheryl, Oh Wow!!! What an amazing story! And listening to your words gives me great hope over our current situation. Two weekends ago, Mike and I went on a weekend getaway to Georgia so we could check out the area. It's a possible location for us to move to the next few months since Mike got hired by Delta. We call the trip our "divine intervention." We met a man sitting in Chic-Fil-A that worked for Delta who offered to show us some houses in the area. We ended up back at his house, stayed for three hours talking. They are my parent's age but they had five kids, homeschooled them, and were prior AF too. After that, their realtor friend came over (on a whim) and we ended up with her for a few hours and may have possibly found our dream home too. We have made an offer and are also trying to sell the CA home. If financing works, which we hope, we will be moving there soon. The town, the home, and the community are all a dream for us. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. God works in amazing ways.

Cheryl said...

Wow Carrie! I am so excited for you!!
I will definitely be praying that things go smoothly!! Thanks for sharing!