Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I haven't posted anything in more than 2 weeks.  It has crossed my mind but I have been lacking words.
My words seem so trivial when I see so many others going through BIG things! Sick children, the death of a dear friend, sick children with husband deployed, husband deployed!  These are all BIG things!

So why am I full of words today? Because, the days you have few words add up and then you become a boiling over pot of alphabet soup!

In the last 2 weeks....

The Major(retired) is residing in Alaska. He has gone househunting, seen lots of moose(why is this not meese?), met Sarah Palin, is coaching 6-9 year olds on the Elmendorf AFB swim team, and worked at the Iditarod just this past weekend! "It was ruff" he said.

James with Sarah Palin!

Kate attended the Sigma Tau Delta International Honors Convention in Savannah, Georgia by invitation!
She submitted a chapter from the novel she has been working on and was invited to attend the convention, asked to read her chapter to an audience, speak on a panel, and introduce speakers. And guess what!
Her novel submission received 2nd place!  Proud Mom here! Check out the website HERE ...you only have to scroll a wee bit to see my girl's name! Can you see me beaming with pride?

Kate by the Savannah River with fellow students

She had a blast! Oh...and she met a Ghostbuster! Ernie Hudson aka Winston Zeddmore; Ghostbuster!

Who ya gonna call?

And back on the home front....

I resigned my position at the Chamber of Commerce and my last day was Friday.  I enjoyed the job and met many awesome people who are working so hard for our little community in the foothills. The job helped me to define another part of me, not just as a homeschool mom(there is no "just" in there by the way) but also defined me as someone who can be outside my comfort zone and turn it into my comfort zone.
But I also discovered what I love most.  I love being a Domestic Goddess! Yes, that is what stay-at-home moms are! And so I returned to my domain.  And here I will be to help  plan a wedding, put the house on the market, coordinate a move, and the next chapter of my life with the Major!

Sarah is doing an amazing job balancing classes, working, planning her wedding and her life with her best friend! I love watching her blossom into a soon to be Domestic Goddess and whatever else she wants to be!
She has a quiet resolve and grace! And on top of this, she is having a medical issue of which we do not have any answers. Last Tuesday, she passed out TWICE! Off to the emergency room. " Hmmmm"...and "huh"..and "go home, rest and hydrate".  And so she did.  Wednesday, she hit the floor again! Called the doctor..."go to the emergency room". It isn't quite the place you want people to recognize you, ya know, where "everybody knows your name".  More tests.  Each day for the past week, she has passed out twice, no warning.  So now she has an appointment for an echo cardiogram and a 24 hour remote heart monitor. And then to see a neurologist.  We speculate and pray.  And though it is scary, we all have peace because we know God has this! He has us! He has a plan! 

Our family Bible verse...

Saturday, Sarah and I go to the airport to meet Kate and then James.  YAY!

Until next time...

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MollieElizabeth said...

So much going on in your world! I know Sarah's health without answers weighs heavy on your Momma Heart. I am thrilled to hear you guys are going to be a reunited family so soon! And I will get to see you. That is if I can get my wee ones healthy here soon or no one will want to see me. I am praying for you.